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Bartho Kriek
Pieter Keijlaan 68
2061 XX Bloemendaal
The Netherlands

About Subtitling Worldwide

What started as a list of frequent mistakes made by beginner subtitlers, evolved into the Comprehensive Subtitling Course. Owing to the success of this course in the Netherlands, Bartho Kriek decided to have it translated into English for students worldwide. He has collaborated on all kinds of subtitling projects in various parts of the world.

Bartho Kriek has been active as a subtitler since 1985, for ten years taught subtitling at ITV-Hogeschool Utrecht, The Netherlands, a college for interpreting and translating, and published articles about subtitling in a variety of Dutch magazines. He translated writers like Philip Roth, Kurt Vonnegut, Paul Auster, Isaac Bashevis Singer, Kazuo Ishigurao and William Faulkner. He is also a poet, and writer of two novels published in the Netherlands, Dutch Fado (Atlas, 2000) and The Immovable Now (Atlas, 1998).


ITV-Hogeschool, Utrecht, Netherlands
ESIST, the organisation that developed the Code of Good Subtitling Practice we support