Alphonsius Ategha - Yaounde, Cameroon
EN-French, EN–EN, French-French, Aghem-French, Aghem-EN, Pidgin EN–EN, Pidgin EN-French
I work in the Cameroon Ministry of Scientific Research and Innovation as a Senior Translator since August 1997. Besides, I head a Translation/Subtitling/Interpretation Firm known as Communication Facilitators
I also teach ‘Introduction to Subtitling’ at the Advanced School of Translators and Interpreters (ASTI) of the University of Buea. I am a holder of a Master of Arts degree in Translation and a Certificate in Subtitling issued by SWw in May 2008.
Software Skills: Spot, Subtitle Workshop
Software I own: Full version of Spot 4.4
Contact details
(237) 77 74 25 90 (237) 94 80 09 04

Clémentine Bertschy Mandal – Kolkata, India
Hindi/Urdu-FR, Bengali-FR, EN-FR
French by birth, a lover of Indian literature and cinema, with a B. A. in Hindi and M. A. in Comparative Literature, I had been staying in India since 4 years, when I started to work in 2012 as a freelance translator. I immediately specialized in movie subtitling. In 2015, when I heard about Subtitling Worldwide, I decided to enroll for the course. I have till date adapted more than 40 movies, along with a few documentaries.
Software skills: Spot, Subtitle Edit.
Software I own: None yet, but considering acquiring Spot.
Contact details:
Mobile: +91 7797676296 

Sabine Buckbesch - Potsdam, Germany
EN-German, German-EN, German-German,
EN-EN, Japanese-EN

I'm a freelance subtitler specialized in movie subtitling. I started during an internship with ECI and continued the training by completing the Subtitling Worldwide's comprehensive subtitling course in 2010. An internship with a dubbing company resulted in work as a freelance subtitle editor while finishing my masters in audio communication and technology. I have experience with various program formats like movies, series, documentation, animations and interviews and while my main language focus lies with English and German, I have also worked with Japanese, Spanish and French material.
Software Skills: Spot, WINCAPS (owning licence), Swift, Belle Nuite, Subtitle Workshop, Aegisub.
Contact details
Telephone: (0049) (0)331 6260655

Sonali Hegde - Bangalore, India
Kannada-EN, German-EN, Hindi-EN; EN-EN, Ger.-Ger.
I am a freelance subtitler/translator, specializing in SDH. I have worked as a freelance subtitler for DigiCaptions, Sferastudios etc. For the past 6 years I have translated various technical and general texts from German to English.
Software I own: EZTitles.
Software skills: Spot, Subtitling Workshop, Subtitle Edit. Contact details
203, Kristal Sunstone, 17th E Main, 5th A Cross, 6th Block, Koramangala - 560095, India
Telephone: (0091)98453 86778

Nandini Karky - Chennai, India
Tamil-EN, EN-Tamil, EN-EN
My educational journey has been through diverse fields with a Bachelors degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering and a Master of Arts degree in Education. It culminated in Subtitling Worldwide's comprehensive subtitling course. After completing it in 2012, I embarked on my career as a subtitler. I'm working on subtitling Tamil movies for worldwide audiences and on script translations. Translating Tamil lyrics for a research project in Language Computing is my other endeavor.  I also aim to propagate quality subtitling practices everywhere by functioning as the promoter of Subtitling Worldwide and taking its mission forward.
Software owned: Spot Subtitling system
Subtitling YouTube Channel :
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Michael Muldoon – Barcelona, Spain
English captions for the deaf and hard of hearing
An English national, I have been working as a professional sub-editor and proofreader for 15 years. After my grandmother lost her hearing, I decided to combine my love of film with my inexplicable obsession with correct grammar and punctuation use, and I trained to become a caption editor for the deaf and hard of hearing.
I have completed the Subtitling Worldwide online course and an additional course in captioning for the deaf and hard of hearing at University College London.
I’m also a writer and am currently completing my second novel, which is about werewolves. I’m extremely enthusiastic and have the ability to expedite projects whilst retaining a sense of humour.
Software skills: Spot, Annotation Edit, WinCAPS
Software I own: Annotation Edit
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Bartho Kriek - Haarlem, the Netherlands
EN-Dutch, Portuguese-Dutch, Bras. Port.-Dutch
I have been a subtitler and subtitling editor since 1985, I helped establish Broadcast Text Amsterdam in 1999 and 2000, now one of the largest subtilting companies in the Netherlands, and also offer advice. I'm the owner of Subtitling Worldwide, offering subtitling courses worldwide.
YouTube Channel:
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