The importance of the choice of transplanted follicles

The art of hair follicle transplantation has revolutionized the cosmetic surgery market, offering a magical choice for people looking to change their look. But hair follicle transplantation is more than a simple pencil stroke or brushstroke – it requires immense care and attention at every step. One of the most important steps, which many people ignore, is the selection of follicles for transplantation. In this article, we’ll look at what makes a good follicle choice and how you can ensure you get the result and appearance you’ve always dreamed of.

Why are hair follicles so important?

Hair follicles are the key element of any hair surgery. They are the foundation of new hair growth, and it is absolutely essential that they are healthy and well-preserved during surgery. The quantity and quality of the hair follicles play an important role in the results of the hair transplant. They can determine the texture, volume and shape of the hair grown after the procedure.

A good sample of hair follicles is usually one month to several years old and it is very common for a person to have an adequate balance of living and dead follicles. In hair transplantation, these live follicles are then implanted into incisions previously made on the scalp. The dead follicles cannot function properly and are therefore removed.

In this way, hair transplantation is only possible if the sample consists of live, healthy and properly selected follicles. This method is very precise and the process requires great care and dexterity on the part of the doctor.

What is the best type of tissue for hair transplants?

Hair implants made from autologous tissue, such as the tissue to be transplanted, are considered the best type of tissue for hair implants. This autologous tissue is taken only from your scalp and is never released to other patients. This means you don’t have to worry about post-implant complications associated with a lack of immunity.

In addition, autologous tissue can be implanted more quickly and with the highest quality, allowing you to achieve more natural-looking results. Autologous implants also offer greater coverage and density than other tissue types. While other types offer less coverage and density, autologous tissue can produce a look that is closer to a natural result.

With the help of a specialized physician, such as the hair specialists at Hasci Swiss, autologous tissue can be transplanted more quickly and with more natural results.

Benefits of a follicle transplant

The main advantages of a hair transplant are: the complete resumption of the hair growth process; a painless method, thanks to the use of local anesthetics; and a lasting result in most cases. Once the follicles are transplanted, the hair grows back gradually and sustainably.

Thanks to a short and well-executed operation, the patient can regain a natural appearance and, in the long run, have an optimal and lasting aesthetic result. The benefits of the hair transplant process allow men and women to combat their baldness and regain a more positive and reassuring self-image.

Conclusion on the importance of choosing the right hair follicles

It is very important to choose quality hair follicles that are free of infection in order to obtain quality results. The use of infected follicles can lead to problems with the healing and growth of the grafts. It is therefore imperative to choose healthy follicles from a trusted provider. Hair transplantation can be very rewarding if done properly and intelligently and this starts with the choice of transplanted follicles.